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Fast and Effective eDiscovery for Corporate Legal


Today, legal departments are concerned not only about civil litigation requiring placement of litigation holds and document review, but increasingly about response to regulatory inquiry and investigation. The corporate legal department spends a great deal of time working with the IT department ensuring litigation holds are placed on all potentially relevant content and searching for and reviewing content to determine relevance, confidentiality and privilege.

One issue legal departments are now facing is the wait time to get IT resources to actually conduct the searches, place holds, and export responsive data to eDiscovery applications or outside counsel for further processing. To speed eDiscovery response, legal departments are looking for enterprise tools that provide them the ability to capture, search, and review content repositories as well as place holds themselves so that the IT resource logjam can be bypassed.

The Actiance Platform enables faster and more effective discovery response by proactively capturing, securing, and making searchable, all of your social communications. With built-in eDiscovery features such as Google-like search, case management, granular legal hold, and rapid data export, gone are the days of waiting for IT resources to become available. With Actiance, legal department personnel can benefit from self-service to help expedite early case assessment, reduce eDiscovery costs, and speed eDiscovery response.