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Enabling Security and Compliance for the Healthcare Industry

The Actiance platform enables your organization with tools that improve the quality of care, control costs, and streamline the efficiency of research and approval. With all the compliance the industry demands, it gives your employees:

Compared to other industries, the pharmaceuticals sector has been slow to promulgate guidelines with respect to social media. But, recent cases have begun to stoke the flames that guidelines are imminent and necessary. The recent case of the FDA cracking down on Novartis is a perfect illustration. Novartis had used Facebook and ShareThis, two popular social networking sites, to influence consumers in spreading the word about Tasigna, a cancer drug. The FDA concluded that Novartis' act failed to meet regulatory and compliance standards. Specifically, the FDA called out Novartis' marketing as incomplete and misleading since it failed to communicate any risk information associated with the use of Tasigna.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the key legislation that requires the protection of patient identities and personal health information. Given the proliferation of personal data floating around the social networking landscape, the safeguarding of personal medical information becomes that much more challenging with each new site that emerges.

The Actiance platform helps firms, particularly those in regulated industries, remain in compliance with the emerging guidelines specific to social media. From pre-review moderation of content to the contextual logging and archiving of activities and events, Actiance aids organizations to focus on their respective businesses with more peace of mind.

Each of Actiance's products seamlessly integrate with each other and with existing IT infrastructure, so that enterprises can protect and augment their existing technology investments. Our platforms are scalable and flexible, allowing enterprises to choose which platforms, networks, and applications to leverage without changing business workflow.

Unified Security Gateway - is the only Secure Web Gateway to combine feature and content controls of social networks alongside the monitoring, management and security of Web 2.0 applications, such as instant messaging, with URL filtering, anti-malware and Web anti-virus protection.

Socialite - enables you to control, regulate and moderate social networking activities. From granular content, features and activity control to the moderation of subject matter posted and the archiving of posts and activities, you can confidently enable. Socialite is available as a module of USG, as a SaaS solution, or as a hybrid (i.e., on-premise and hosted) solution.

Vantage - is used by the world's largest firms to ensure security, management and compliance for Unified Communications - from presence and instant messaging to conferencing and voice - to safely enhance business productivity and responsiveness without endangering network security.