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Think beyond email journaling

Instant messages and social content are created and shared much differently than email. So why would anybody store them the same way?

The Actiance platform captures and archives content contextually by organizing it into logical conversation threads. This not only makes it easier and faster to find what you need but also translates into eDiscovery cost savings, too.

Save time, save money, save your sanity

Manage fewer systems by archiving all the communications content you need to capture contextually from beginning to end in one platform, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Go deep and wide

Capture hundreds of content sources, including all metadata and context, without creating a single email. Social activities like conversations, group chats, and status updates, including edits and deletes, are all archived in a WORM-compliant repository.

Rest assured with TrueCompliance™ technology

Ensure compliance with regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements. The Actiance platform features real-time content monitoring, blocking, and alerting as well as cloud archiving with guaranteed delivery, tamperproof stamps, and message order preservation.

Keep only what you need

Create and enforce records retention and disposal policies, especially those that can pass legal and regulatory muster, in order to efficiently manage your IT and legal costs.